Arianna Carossa




My artistic practice is to find relationships between opposites such as organic and inorganic.

Using traditional sculpture such as ceramic, bronze, wax or wood, mixing it with natural elements often of animal origin.

Remains of animals, literally left on the street, snake skins after moult , shells, horns or honeycombs of bees burned by the sun.

The point is for me to find a way, an aggregation of heterogeneous bodies, in which skins, mouths, teeth, limbs, often made through a traditional technique of classical and ancient sculpture, do not appear descriptively transcribed but transformed by the movement that has melted them together, alongside to carapaces, shells, tails, horns and any other biological residue.

The work therefore appears totemic.


The sculptural parts are human parts, my teeth in gold ceramic, the cast of my head, but also hands, legs and arms, fragments and parts of my or others' body.

The exploration of the body therefore also becomes a means

essential, an amplifier of mystical, spiritual, sensual experiences,



I believe that the focus of the work is precisely in the relations between parts, the erotic part of the work, the Eros center and its vital force is the strength of the union of different parts because of different origins but that in the aggregation and relationship find a new vitality and a new identity.


The purpose of my work then is not the realization of the work but the exploration and deepening through the realization of me as a human being.

Art is for me a tool to understand who one is and get in touch with those deep and most hidden parts of us.